Ziraat Bankasi HQ

Ziraat Bankasi, one of Turkey’s oldest and largest banks is being protected by an intelligent, hybrid fire alarm system from Advanced Electronics.

One of the first banks in Turkey, Ziraat Bankasi, was formed in 1863 originally to serve Turkey’s agricultural industry. It now has 1,434 branches worldwide, offering financial services and banking across consumer, corporate, investment and private banking.

Now protected by an Advanced Axis EN analogue addressable fire alarm system, Ziraat Bankasi’s Ankara HQ, is a historic building that also holds a museum with a collection from the bank’s history, spanning the Ottoman Empire and Turkish Republic.

Due to the historic nature of the building and the variety of uses across its 6 floors, Advanced’s partner in Turkey designed and installed a hybrid system of wired and wireless detectors.

The system features a four-loop intelligent fire panel with 160 wired and 250 wireless optical smoke, thermal and multi-sensor detectors, plus call points, beacons and sounders. Advanced’s PC-Net graphics package is used to control and monitor the system.

The Axis EN system is EN54 Parts 2, 4 and 13 approved and is one of the few in the world with Part 13 approval. Axis EN 1-8 loop control panels can be easily networked in up to 200 panel, 1,000 zone systems that feature full fault tolerance across single or disparate sites. They are complemented by a huge range of repeater panels, mimics, peripherals and add-ons making Axis EN suitable for almost any application.

Axis EN detectors are wired or wireless and offer industry leading performance. Sensors are available in optical, thermal and multi-sensor variants and are accompanied by a complete range of bases, sounders, beacons, call points, modules and accessories.

Advanced’s Specials department also produce customer specific control, mimic and repeating panels that ensure end users get an integrated system that is unique to their requirements.


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