Ulster Hall

Advanced’s MxPro 4 multiprotocol fire panels lie at the heart of an intelligent fire detection system installed to protect Belfast's Ulster Hall.

The fire detection system features a purpose-designed Advanced MxPro 4 four-loop panel plus four repeater panels networked together and Apollo detection devices. It was supplied and commissioned by Ashdale Engineering Ltd, which is also responsible for its maintenance.

The design of the fire detection system had to take into account the uses of the building, particularly as a concert hall, and had to also ensure that false alarms caused by concert smoke machines and cigarette smoking were avoided.

Comments Colin Simms, Service Manager of Ashdale Engineering: "Advanced and Apollo produce fire technology that is very versatile. Using multisensors from Apollo's Discovery range allowed us to provide different levels of sensitivity for the building at different times of day. For example, the fire detection system can switch the combined smoke/heat multisensors in the roof space to heat detection only when performers are using smoke machines in the main hall."

The Ulster Hall fire detection system incorporates over 150 multisensors as well as 100 loop-powered beacons.

A number of interface units enable an alarm to shut down the boiler control panel, open the smoke extraction vents, bring the lift to the ground floor and operate the aspiration system in the lift shaft.  A Signet PAVA system is also connected.

The fire detection system is programmed with two modes of operation: performance mode' and non-performance mode'. The first is activated when a show is on, with a three-minute interval before evacuation to allow an alarm to be investigated by staff. Non-performance mode is used at night and when the building is not occupied. An alarm in this case will effect an immediate one out, all out' evacuation of the building.

Ulster Hall

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