The State Buildings

The 135 year old, heritage listed State Buildings on the eastern side of Perth’s Central Business District form a pivotal part of the city’s major ‘Cathedral + Treasury Precinct’ redevelopment.

The State Buildings (formerly the Treasury Buildings) are being transformed into an exciting mix of hotel, hospitality and retail uses. 

Constructed for State Government purposes between 1875 and 1897 on the 1829 foundation site of Perth, the buildings have undergone many alterations over the years. In 1995, The State Government decided to vacate the buildings. In 2012, the three-year redevelopment of one of the most historically important and iconic sites in the city began.

The 'Cathedral + Treasury Precinct' project is a coordinated development carried out by the State Government of Western Australia, City of Perth, Anglican Diocese of Perth, FJM Property, Mirvac and the Public Trustee.

Cathedral + Treasury Precinct

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