PFI Studios

The new system, which was designed and installed by Almaks Security Systems, consists of seven MxPro 4 multi-loop control panels and a repeater panel, interfaced to over 380 Nittan Evolution fire detectors and devices. The extensive cause and effect features of the MxPro 4 panels are used to provide phased evacuation of the buildings and control of the heating and ventilation system for smoke control in the event of a fire. Commenting on the success of the project Almaks’ Business Manager, Uros Maksimovic said, “We have been a long-term business partner with Advanced Electronics and know they provide excellent support. The MxPro 4 family of panels are very reliable and provide the sophisticated programming features and networking capability that was required for the PFI project.”

The control panels are all interconnected using Ad-NeT+, Advanced’s fault tolerant network. Ad-NeT+ is capable of withstanding a single fault between nodes without loss of communications to any single panel. Up to 200 panels (nodes) can be connected on the network with a total loop length of 20Km, using standard two-core fire resistant cable. The network in the PFI Studios allows the status of the 380+ devices to be interrogated on any of the fire panels.


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