FiftyTwoDegrees is the first phase of a multifunctional complex (situated on the 52nd degree of latitude) that is being realised in Nijmegen. The knowledge centre is part of a masterplan at the Neerbosscheweg, which has to stimulate innovations in this area. With its seventeen floors of offices and laboratories, FiftyTwoDegrees is the highest building (86 metre) of Nijmegen. When this striking design from Mecanoo Architecten was completed in May, it had houses several technology companies, with NXP Semiconductors as main tenant.

The fire alarm system was designed based on the advice of Hertek. It contains a large network with a Class A evacuation installation and an 'a' LIST-detection system to which temperature sensors are changing sensitivity via onboard timeclocks. Over 440 automatic detectors, 60 manual call points are the eyes and ears of the system, which also manages approximately 20 other systems, such as the elevator fire control and the overpressure installation.

Mr Peters of ETB said “The building is very flexible and the system is simple to adjust. Due to its user-friendliness it is the most pleasant fire alarm installation I know“.

The system has been tested intensively by ETB Lubbers, Hertek and Nagtglas Versteeg Inspecties and has also been approved by the fire brigade. “An ideal situation when you consider some projects take years to be certified.”

FIftyTwoDegrees Complex

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