Staybridge Suites

The L1 system was designed and installed by Durham based CDS Security & Fire and consists of a single MxPro 4 8-loop fire alarm control panel that monitors over 300 fire sensors and devices from Apollo Fire Detectors’ Discovery range. DDA-compliant systems were also installed in six dedicated suites to provide fire alarm warning for the hearing impaired, using a strobe and under pillow vibration pad.

“The design of the fire detection system ensures that all guests and staff are evacuated safely and promptly in the event of a fire”, said Kevin Ramsden, the Hotel’s Facilities Manager. “However, in the unlikely event of a nuisance or false alarm the system allows us to investigate the problem without first evacuating the building, an important consideration for our guests.”

The sophisticated cause and effect programming in the MxPro 4 8-loop fire alarm control panel allows the sounder and beacon on the Apollo combined unit to be controlled separately, providing increased flexibility. When an alarm is triggered from a detector in one of the suites the local sounder and beacon are activated, as well as the main control panel alerting the staff. If the alarm has not been reset within 5 minutes, the local sounder is silenced in the suite and a full fire alarm is raised, causing the building to be evacuated. This is quickly achieved with the aid of a 250-speaker voice alarm system ensuring the guests are fully aware of the alarm situation. The 5 minute delay allows the staff to ascertain whether it is a real or false alarm. The system is also connected to BT RedCare, providing external 24/7 monitoring.

Commenting on the project, Rosie Abbott, Business Development Manager for CDS Security & Fire said, “The advanced capabilities of the MxPro 4 family of control panels give us maximum flexibility when designing a fire detection system. We are also able to control a number of external building services and equipment through the various interface options available on the panel.”

As well as triggering a phased building evacuation the MxPro 4 8-loop fire alarm control panel also interfaces with a number of other systems in the hotel, helping to stop the spread of fire and aid evacuation. The lifts are repositioned to different floors depending on the location of the fire, doors and barriers are opened via the access control system, gas shutdown and ventilation are controlled via the Building Management System (BMS) and the sprinklers are monitored.


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