Belfast based Ashdale Engineering installed and commissioned the fire systems, which each consisted of two fully-networked MxPro 4 control panels and more than 1000 Apollo XP95 devices, including smoke sensors, manual call points and I/O units. Over 400 heat detectors were installed to protect the Dublin store’s underground car park. The systems are designed to L1 standards to ensure maximum safety for staff and shoppers in both the retail and warehouse areas of the store. Advanced’s PC-NeT Graphics software is used to provide overall monitoring and control for the fire systems.

The comprehensive cause and effect features of the MxPro 4 4-loop panels are used to provide a phased evacuation of the stores in the event of a fire or incident.Ashdale Engineering also installed a PA/VA system, which is fully integrated with the fire system. Both systems have over 100 loop interface units to control plant shutdown and lifts and to open doors in the event of a fire.

“Advanced’s MxPro 4 series panels were chosen for these projects because of their excellent programming features and field-proven reliability”, said Colin Simms, Ashdale’s Service Manager. “We have worked with Advanced many times before and know that the company provides excellent customer and technical support.”

The PC-NeT Graphics software runs on a standard PC connected to the fire network. It is a highly configurable system allowing the use of site maps, images and text to display a visual representation of the fire system to the end-user. Any device can be enabled or disabled and the option to turn on outputs can be configured simply by clicking an icon on the screen. Comprehensive event and alarm history logs can be viewed and reports easily generated for analysis and auditing.


Advanced Fire Systems

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