Bath Empire

Advanced's MxPro 5 fire panels have been installed in the Grade II-listed Empire Hotel building in Bath.

Constructed in 1901 as a hotel, the building is located close to the historic Bath Abbey and Pulteney Bridge. The Bath Empire was later used as a Royal Navy postal sorting office from World War II until 1990, when it was converted into retirement apartments with leisure facilities and two restaurants.

Constructed over six floors, the building is a well-known Bath landmark overlooking the River Avon and contributes to Bath's unique status as the only British city with World Heritage status.

MxPro 5 panels were chosen for this project because of the ease with which they can be added to existing cables. The panel's built-in diagnostic tools include an oscilloscope making it easy to assess if there are any device communication issues.

In total, 340 individual components were installed in the new system, which is built around a four-loop MxPro 5 panel. The installation covers the main Empire building, the in-house cinema, fitness centre, snooker room and the hair salon, as well as two restaurants on the ground floor.


The Empire Hotel, Bath

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