EN54-4 Power Supplies

Advanced's switch mode PSUs come in 1.5A, 3.0A and 5.0A variants, fully enclosed or caged only and are perfect for ANY fire alarm system that
specifies EN54-4 power supply

Whether it's an Advanced or 3rd party fire system, our integrated PSUs and battery chargers provide high efficiency, easily-installed, switch mode power supplies. Features include:

  • Suitable for most applications
  • Wide AC input range (3.0A and 5.0A)
  • PSE and charger or PSE only options (3.0A and 5.0A)
  • Serial link allows reporting of PSE status and volateges to compatible control panels and modules (3.0A and 5.0A)
  • Monitoring of battery internal series resitance
  • Remote battery sensing option (3.0A and 5.0A)

1.5A Power Supply

7Ah Maximum Battery Capacity

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3A Power Supply

18/24Ah Maximum Battery Capacity

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5A Power Supply

38Ah Maximum Power Supply

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Advanced Fire Systems

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