Peripherals Without the Panel - Anywhere on the Network

The PENN is a network device that allows you to install Advanced's comprehensive range of peripheral cards almost anywhere on the network, without needing additional panels. 

It adds huge flexibility and configurability to Advanced networks and delivers installation cost savings.

Peripherals Exactly Where You Need Them 

  •  Add a wide range of input/output options, almost anywhere on the network and up to 1.5km from the panel.
  •  Install over 6,000 peripherals on a network.
  •  Run up to 199 PENN cards on a fault tolerant network.
  •  Each PENN card supports up to 32 peripheral cards.
  •  Reduce costs and disruption by connecting inputs and outputs directly to the network instead of wiring them back to a panel.
  •  Straightforward configuration through Advanced's DynamixTools software.
  •  The existing panel peripheral bus can still be used, but peripheral cards can only be 10m from the panel.
  •  Currently compatible with MxPro 5 and MxPro 4.


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