MxPro Panel Comparison

The table below compares the features of the Advanced MxPro 4 and MxPro 5 Analogue Addressable fire control panels.

Hardware FeaturesMxPro 4MxPro 5
Display Backlight Green backlit display
Manual contrast adjustment
White backlit display
"Improved efficiency with programmable dimming options
Software driven contrast adjustment via menu"
PC Connections RS232 USB, RS232
Peripheral Expansion Bus 1 loop – n/a
2-8 loop – requires additional optional circuit card
Built in as standard on all panels
Extended range of P-Bus option cards
Wiring Fault Monitoring EN54-2: Open circuit, short circuit EN54-2:Open circuit, short circuit
EN54-13:Continuous checking for increases in resistance, (loose terminations), partial shorts etc.
Control Keys Reset, Mute, Silence/Resound and Evacuate Mute, Silence, Reset, LED Test, Resound, Evacuate and dedicated More Alarms buttons on control panels and large repeater
Configurable keypad repeat keys
Front Panel Push Buttons None 4 programmable function buttons on control panels and large repeater
Battery Charging Charger current and voltage can be viewed on local display
Built in battery temperature sensor
Charger current, voltage and temperature available from any display on a network
Built in or remote battery temperature sensor
Zone LEDs None as standard
"Option 20 zone fire red LED card on 1 loop
Options for up to 200 red zone fire LEDs on 2-8 loops"
20 integral red LED indicators included as standard on control panels and large repeater. Can be assigned to any fire zone or programmable for other uses.
Up to 200 additional LEDs with Large, Deep and Extended enclosures. (Up to 50 in Medium enclosure). Options include red, yellow and (bi-colour) red/yellow or green/yellow column format with slide-in labels.
Programmable Input None Dedicated monitored switch input as standard on all panels
Programmable Key Switch Inputs Requires additional optional key switch input card Built in as standard on all panels
Printer Optional on-board printer with built-in battery pack Optional on-board printer. No additional battery pack required. Integral paper feed button. Printer fault conditions displayed on panel, prints customer logo
Standards EN54-2 and 4 EN54-2, 4 and 13
Software FeaturesMxPro 4MxPro 5
Independent General Event and Fire Event Logs Yes – control panels only
Not on remote terminals
Yes – on all panels and repeaters
Any panel can be configured as a network-wide main event log
Event log entries 1,000 + 500 Fire 5,000 + 500 Fire
Additional logging for Investigation delays and any Enable/Disable actions
Timed Disable Options Permanent only Permanent or automatic timed re-enablement of any input or output device
Enable/Disable Inputs by zone • All Inputs
• All Inputs except Call Points
• Selected Inputs
• All Inputs
• Selected Inputs
• Only Automatic Inputs
• Only Manual Inputs
• All Other Inputs
Enable/Disable Outputs All Local Panel sounders, relays or individual outputs Disable by Output Purpose
Configurable Disable Outputs Menu options include; Sounders, Relays, Beacons, Fire Routing, Fault Routing, Fire Protection, Pager, All or Selected
Disablement of outputs across network configurable by sector mask
Real Time Clock Yes - requires lithium battery Yes - no lithium battery required
Languages Supports Western European languages Supports multiple different character sets (code pages) and languages
Features MxPro 4 MxPro 5
Max devices per network 188800 200000
Max nodes on network 200 200
Sectors 50 200
Maximum Fire Zones Displayed 250 1 loop
1,000 2,4 and 8 loop
2,000 on all panels
Programming FeaturesMxPro 4MxPro 5
Independent Building Areas for False Alarm Management Single area processing 201 areas per panel
Local or Global Alarm Acknowledgment facility
Zone LEDs No programmable options All LEDs fully programmable
PC configuration presented graphically
Primary/secondary activation
Buzzer Options No programmable options Smart latch of faults
Fault notification can resound daily
Service option to Inhibit by time clock
Programmable Input actions 19 22 - including new Supervisory, Fire Routing and Fire Protection confirmed + Alarm Acknowledgement actions
Output Purpose n/a Output purpose configurable
Output Ringing styles 20 40 - Output activation priority configurable
Zone Qualifiers 15 categories of zone qualifiers 24 categories of zone qualifiers
Logic statements 500 Logic lines – Programmable options –
• Inputs
• General Events
• Time Clocks
1,500 Logic lines – Programmable options –
• Inputs
• Any 2 inputs
• Zone qualifiers
• Any 2 zones
• General Events
• Time Clocks
General Events 10 categories 36 categories
Blocking Rules No options Programmable blocking rules – by General Event or Output Groups
Service and Diagnostic FeaturesMxPro 4MxPro 5
Device History n/a For every device the time and date of the :-
• Last activation
• Last Test
• Last Disable
• Last Enable
• Date Created
On-board Digital Storage Scope n/a Yes
View Panel Voltages and Currents Available for local panel circuits only Available from any MxPro 5 repeater or panel on the network.
View Panel Status Local hardware and panel firmware version View status of all panel circuits across network
Firmware version of all internal hardware and peripheral devices can be viewed at the panel
Firmware updates Panel firmware flash upgradable All hardware flash upgradable via panel USB or serial port
Detector Status Information View drift information at local panel New Warning state allows any devices nearing drift contamination limits to be identified during routine servicing before a fault level is reached
Service tool Download device information Download device information
Extract Event log information
Download device History
View drift (contaminated) status of detectors
Network simulation and test facility

The EN54 Part 13 Fire System

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