MxPro 5 On-Board PrinterOn-Board Printer

The On-Board thermal printer is an internal peripheral for use with the MxPro 5 range of control panels.

This additional unit provides automatic, or on demand copy listings of the event log or status information.

The unit being fast and silent during operation has its own in-built battery backup to enable continuous uninterrupted operation even during a mains fail situation.

Spare rolls of thermal paper can easily be replaced due to the mechanism’s easy access, front-loading compartment.

On-demand option for printing

  • Inputs
  • Outputs
  • Disablements
  • Event Log
  • Network Faults

Can be used for printing the panel’s event log or configured by the user to automatically print any of the following event types: Fire, Fault, Alarm or Test.

Note: If an on-board printer is to be fitted to the panel with a zone indicator module, use the Mxp-013-050 or Mxp-013-100 modules. The Mxp-025 20 Zone LED card cannot be used.

Key Features

  • Fast instant response
  • 3 year warranty as standard
  • Fast and silent operation
  • Thermal printer
  • Cost effective against ancillary hardware
Printer TypeThermal, graphical
Printer resolution384 dots per line
Panel loading in Quiescent State20mA
Panel loading, continuous printing25mA
Maximum working temperature50°C

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-512: On-board Printer
Mxp-512F: On-board Printer - Fitted
Mxs-509: Spare paper roll for Mx-5000 series printer. Thermal, 58mm drum, 15M length.


The on-board Printer can be fitted to all MxPro 5 panels. The On-Board printer is supported from panel software revision 16 onwards. It has automatic operation for Fire, Faults Alarms and Tests.


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