MxPro 516-way Switch & 48 LED Card

The 16-way Switch & 48 LED Card is an expansion peripheral that offers 16 inputs and 48 outputs that can be configured via the Advanced PC Config Tool.

This additional PCB provides a cost effective solution to providing 16 individually programmable push buttons for controlling fire alarm equipment.

Up to 16 cards can be connected to a MxPro 5 series panel providing a maximum of 256 push buttons and 768 LED outputs.

Each LED output can be individually assigned to an output group to provide full support for dynamic zoning and to indicate when the buttons have been activated.


Ideal for any application where a number of programmable push button switches are required for evacuation and plant control.

Key Features

  • 16 configurable push buttons
  • 48 Programmable LEDs, 3 x LEDs per push button (red, green & yellow)
  • Configurable buzzer
  • Fast input response
  • Up to 16 switch plates for each control panel
Power supply18-28V DC (e.g. wired from Panel 24V auxiliary supply)
Supply current60mA maximum
Temperature0°C to 49°C indoor dry
Humidity10-95% humidity (non-condensing)
Dimensions H x W x D mm168 x 144 x 31
Inputs16 x push buttons, 1 x PSU monitor
Outputs48 x LED indicators, 1 x buzzer
Fault InputVolt free

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-538: Switch / LED Interface. LED indicators arranged in groups of 3 (Green, Red and Yellow)


Compatible with all MxPro 5 panels. Requires PC Config Tool version 6.10 or later. Requires panel software Mx-5000-050-07 or later

Units must be mounted locally to their power supply.

Up to 16 16-way Switch & 48 LED Card interfaces can be connected to the peripheral bus.


Each switch/push button can be configured using multiple input actions from the PC Net-003 software. Each LED output can be assigned to an individual output group and is fully programmable for any output function allowed within the Mx configuration program (v6 onwards).


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