MxPro 4Sounder Splitter Card

The Sounder Circuit Splitter is a peripheral unit for use with all MxPro 4 control panels.

This additional unit takes a standard sounder circuit from either a control panel or other panel-based sounder circuit controller and multiplies to provide up to 4 monitored outputs.

In operation, the additional outputs follow the output they are connected to. The circuits are fully monitored for open and short circuit and will take an independent supply to provide up to 1A per circuit.


Key Features

  • 4 monitored outputs
  • Up to 1 Amp per circuit
  • Cost effective against ancillary hardware
  • 3 year warranty as standard
Sounder Input“IN+” and “IN-” - connect to the input trigger (panel sounder output circuit) “OUT+” and “OUT-” - connect to the remainder of the input sounder circuit or terminate with a 10KΩ EOL resistor.
On Board Indication4 “red” sounder LED’s - LED’s illuminate when the output is triggered 4 “yellow” Fault LED’s - LED’s illuminate if the corresponding sounder circuit has a short or open circuit
Sounder Outputs4 monitored sounder circuits (Total maximum load across all circuits = 1A)
Power Supply (Sounder Outputs)Sounder output supply provided by the input (trigger) sounder circuit
Power Supply (Card)Quiescent: 25mA Driving: 50mA
4A Spliter 
Sounder Outputs4 x 1A rated monitored sounder circuits
Power Supply (Sounder Outputs)Sounder output supply provided by an external 24Vdc 4A supply
Power Supply (Card)Quiescent: 30mA Driving: 55mA

Order Codes and Options

Mxs-021: 4 Way Sounder Splitter Card


The Sounder Splitter Card is compatible with all MxPro 4 control panels.



The 4-way sounder splitter card can be supplied as a PCB only for mounting. When supplied fitted in this format, the load at the outputs from the splitter will be limited to the sounder output loading of the input circuit from which it is driven.

All 4 outputs on the sounder splitter card will operate in tandem, and follow the output of the sounder circuit to which the card is connected.

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