MxPro 4Sounder Booster Card

The Sounder Booster is a peripheral unit that utilises a standard sounder circuit (panel or loop driven), and provides increased sounder output capability.

This boosted output is fully monitored for open and short circuits and will take an independent supply to provide up to 4A of sounder current to a single circuit.

On-board indication via 2 LED indicators located on the booster PCB enable the user to view when an output has been triggered and when an external power supply has been connected.

Applications / Limitations

The sounder booster is used where a single sounder output circuit of up to 4A is required.

Each of the panel’s sounder outputs can only monitor a single circuit. The unit must therefore be situated at the end of the panel’s sounder output circuit to maintain correct fault monitoring.

Key Features

  • Increased sounder capability up to 4A
  • On-board indication
  • PSU fault input contacts
  • Cost effective against ancillary hardware
  • 3 year warranty as standard
Sounder Input“SNDR I/P+” and “SNDR I/P-” connect to the input trigger (panel sounder output circuit) 1 monitored sounder circuit (total maximum load = 4A)
On board indication1 red sounder LED. LED illuminates when the output is triggered. 1 green power LED. LED illuminates when an external supply is connected.
On board indicationInput: 230V AC 50Hz Output: 5 Amp EN54 power supply. Nominal output voltage = 27.3V DC
Current Consumption (Derived from sounder circuit I/P)Quiescent: 0mA Driving: 17mA
Dimensions H x W x D mmPCB only: 70 x 105 x 18

Order Codes and Options

Mxs-025: 4A Sounder Booster Card (requires a minimum 4 Amp power supply and enclosure)


The Sounder Booster Card is compatible with all MxPro 4 control panels.


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