MxPro 4Programmable 4-Way Relay Card

The Programmable 4-Way Relay Card is an optional peripheral unit that provides four individually programmable relay output circuits.

Up to 16 cards can be connected to a multi-loop control panel providing a maximum of up to 64 additional local relay outputs.

Each output is fully programmable using the powerful dynamic cause-and-effects rules, and all outputs are synchronised.

The unit is available as either a printed circuit card only, or as a boxed version with integral 1A power supply.

Applications / Limitations

Plant control and signalling outputs. Each output can be assigned to an individual output group and is fully programmable for any output function allowed within the MxPro 4 configuration program.

Fitting of the Programmable 4-Way Relay Card in a panel precludes fitting of other panel option cards. Requires installation of the Peripheral Bus Interface Card in the panel when using the MxPro 4 series.

Key Features

  • Each output is 230V, 5A rated
  • Each output is individually programmable with any of the available DynamiX cause-and-effect rules
  • Up to 16 cards can be connected providing a total of 64 additional outputs
  • Each output may be individually programmed
  • An input is provided to monitor the fault output from a power supply.
  • 4 way programmable relay card
  • Easily configured via PC-NET-003
  • 3 year warranty as standard
Applicable StandardsBS EN54-2:1998, BS EN54-4:1998
PCB Dimensions H x W x D mm24VDC nominal (18- 28VDC), 22mA (quiescent) 75mA (outputs on)
Dimensions H x W x D mm100 x 86 x16
Knockouts 20mm7 x top, 2 x bottom
AC Supply230V AC, 50Hz (+10%, -15%) FUSE T3.15H250
Standby Battery2x12V, 7Ah Sealed lead-acid type (Yuasa recommended)
LED Indications (Box)Power and general PSU fault - separate indications of specific PSU fault conditions are available on the PSU.
EnclosureSteel, IP30, RAL9002, 3Kg (excluding batteries)
Enclosure Dimensions H x W x D mm320 x 345 x 88
LED Indications (PCB)Relay circuit on, communications TX & RX and heartbeat
Outputs (x4)230V AC, 5A resistive / 230V AC, ½ HP / 30VDC, 5A

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-035: 4-Way Programmable Relay Card
Mxp-035-BXP: 4-Way Programmable Relay Card Boxed with 1A PSU


The Programmable 4-Way Relay Card is compatible with all MxPro 4 control panels.


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