MxPro 48-Way Input Card

The 8 Way Input Card is an internal peripheral for use with the MxPro 4 multi-loop range of control panels.

This additional PCB provides a cost effective solution to providing 8 individually programmable, clean contact switch inputs.

The unit connects directly to the control panel and is ideal for class change latching/non-latching operation where a fast input response is essential.


All inputs can be individually programmed for any specific function allowed in the control panel program: i.e. Fire, Fault, Pre- Alarm, Security, Record, Alarm-1, Alarm-2, Alarm-3, Key Lock, Silence, Resound, Mute, Disable Group, Control Signal and Fire Evacuate.

Only one 8 Way Input Card can be fitted to MxPro 4 2 & 4 loop control panel.

Up to two 8 Way Input Cards can be fitted to an MxPro 4 8 loop control panel.

The input functions can be either latched or non-latched and include Fire, Fault, Pre- Alarm, Security, General Alarm, Group Disable, Control, Level 2 Access Enable etc together with any other programmable input option allowed within the MxPro 4 system’s dynamic zoning facilities.

Key Features

  • Each input individually programmable
  • Non latching options
  • Allow investigation delays
  • Normally open inputs can be inverted
  • Easily programmable by on board keypad or via PC
  • Instant response time
  • Cost effective against ancillary hardware
  • 3 year warranty as standard
Switch Inputs8 normally open inputs, (can be inverted via software for normally closed operation on an individual basis).
On board indication8 on board status LED’s
Power Supply24 V dc (E.g. Wired from panel 24V aux supply)
Supply CurrentOpen - 0mA Closed - 2.2mA per switch
Dimensions H x W x D mm55 x 105 x 18

Order Codes and Options

Mxp-014: 8 Way Input Card
Mxp-014F: 8 Way Input Card fitted within an MxPro 4 2, 4 & 8 loop control panel


The MxPro 4 8-way Input Card is fully compatible with all our multi loop fire alarm control panels. Mounting pillars are provided on the panel chassis to mount this card.


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