ExGo Hold/Abort ButtonsHold/Abort Buttons

The Hold and Abort Switch Modules complement the ExGo extinguishing and suppression control panels.

The modules comply with the requirements of BS7273-1.

The switches are easy to wire and multiple units can easily be daisy-chained together on an input circuit.

A range of finishes are available - white, stainless steel and brass trims. Alternatively, the unit can be supplied in an IP65 rated enclosure.

The standard units can be surface mounted or semi-flush mounted onto standard 3½” electrical boxes. The IP65 unit is surface mounted.

All units are provided with an end of line resistor (Reol).

Compatible with the ExGo gas extinguishing panel and remote status indicator panel input circuits.


Key Features

  • Range of finishes available
  • Surface or flush mount
  • IP65 option
  • Complies with BS7273-1 requirements
  • Standard units available in white plastic finish
Dimensions (Plastic Unit)Overall 87mm x 87mm x 41mm, Back box 87mm x 87mm x 29mm
Minimum depth behind coverOverall 87mm x 87mm 47mm, Back box 87mm x 87mm x 44mm
Dimensions (IP65 Unit)35mm
Environmental ClassOverall 72 x 72 x 62 (including switch actuator)
HumidityIndoor 0ºC to 40ºC, 95% max
End-of-Line Resistance6800 Ohms
SW#1 Active Resistance470 Ohms
Maximum Operating Voltage30V DC

Order Codes and Options

Exp-003-001: HOLD Switch, Standard Plastic Enclosure
Exp-003-002: HOLD Switch, Stainless Steel Trim Cover Plate
Exp-003-003: HOLD Switch, Brass Trim Cover Plate
Exp-003-065: HOLD Switch, IP65 Plastic Enclosure
Exp-004-001: ABORT Switch, Standard Plastic Enclosure
Exp-004-002: ABORT Switch, Stainless Steel Trim cover Plate
Exp-004-003: ABORT Switch, Brass Trim Cover Plate
Exp-004-004: ABORT Switch, IP65 Plastic Enclosure

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