Advanced Extinguishing ControlFire Extinguishing Control Panel

The ExGo system includes a main extinguishing control panel and a range of panels and devices including repeater units, hold and abort button and active end of line devices.

It is very easy to install, all of the sensitive circuits are analysed and configured by the simple, panel menu system with no direct adjustment of electronic components required. The specific nature of faults are displayed to aid diagnosis.

A time-stamped log tracks all activation events and can (along with all panel settings) be downloaded to a PC tool for reference, storage, filtering and printing. Onboard diagnostics can be accessed from the panel menu and all test modes and disablements easily controlled.

ExGo fire extinguishing systems can be integrated into our MxPro or Axis EN fire systems via a simple fire protection interface or any 3rd party fire alarm system via an I/O loop device.

Advanced Fire Systems

Our fire panels and systems are known all over the world for their leading performance, flexibility and ease of installation and use.