From temporary ‘simultaneous evacuation’ to ‘stay put’ – with ease

If you’re looking for the safest and most cost-effective way to support a temporary change to a ‘simultaneous evacuation’ strategy in blocks of flats undergoing remedial cladding work, we have the solution.


Replacing combustible external wall systems is now a top priority, but ensuring residents are safe from fire before, during and immediately after remedial work is completed, presents many challenges.

Our approach ensures you’re following the National Fire Chiefs Council recommendations for best practice as well as ensuring easy conversion to the BS 8629 code of practice after the stay put policy is reinstated.

Following agreement with a competent person that installing a ‘common fire alarm’ is the right solution for the building, a BS 5839 Part 1, category L5 fire alarm system should be fitted – before cladding removal starts.

Advanced’s MxPro 5 fire panels are fully compliant with all the required standards and deliver unrivalled performance, quality and ease of use.

Intuitive programming, comprehensive cause and effect, powerful diagnostic features and compatibility with four leading detector protocols bring the highest levels of protection for residents – and peace of mind for you.

Once cladding removal is complete, returning your building to ‘stay put’ status is easy. 

As our EvacGo evacuation alert panel is designed using MxPro 5 technology, swapping your fire alarm system to an evacuation alert system couldn’t be simpler – whether you’re using wired, wireless or hybrid devices.


Simultaneous Evacuation Graphic 2


For further guidance or to discuss the specific requirements for your site, contact and we’ll help you to create a fully-compliant solution that seamlessly takes you from ‘stay put’ policy to ‘temporary simultaneous evacuation’ and back again.


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