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Software solutions: the hidden features with visible benefits

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Ken Bullock of Advanced looks at the versatile software features that are hidden within Advanced panels. These include the built-in service, oscilloscope and logo tools, all of which are available to help you meet a variety of needs and save you time, cost and inconvenience.

AdSpecials: customised fire protection solutions

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An introduction to AdSpecials – our dedicated engineering and manufacturing service for creating customised fire panels and control interfaces to meet specific site challenges. Includes a guide to the order process.

Seamless integration into building management systems (BMS)

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Vlad Zrnic, Regional Sales Manager, provides a detailed explanation of Advanced’s versatile approach to Building Management System (BMS) integration. He covers the networks, protocols and infrastructure that enable you monitor and control all the systems on your site - from fire and security to lifts, air conditioning and more.

A guide to LuxIntelligent - the smart emergency lighting system by Advanced

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Matt Jones, Emergency Lighting Business Manager, gives an overview of BS 5266, the benefits of LED technology, intelligent lighting systems and cloud connectivity.

EvacGo: The easy way to ensure you have BS 8629 covered

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EvacGo is the new evacuation alert system from Advanced. It provides peace of mind that you’re meeting all the recommendations of BS 8629 and has been developed in close collaboration with the fire industry experts who wrote the standard.

A practical guide to Advanced fire control panels

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In this webinar, run by our technical support team, you’ll enjoy a virtual demonstration of many common features and control options for Advanced fire panels.

Hardworking hardware: solutions for an easier life

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Neil Parkin, Regional Sales Manager, explains the hardware features that distinguish MxPro 5 fire panels. He covers everything from loops cards and LED indicators to printers and peripherals.

The new Go-to solution from Advanced

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Join Regional Sales Manager Neil Parkin to discover the features and benefits of our new single-loop fire control panel Go. You'll learn about Go's intuitive software and false alarm management, and see how straightforward it is to commission, maintain and service.

Integrated fire safety solutions

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This presentation will cover key considerations when planning life safety systems for larger, mixed-use sites.

What happens after waking watch?

Time: 10:30 am
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It’s now common practice to install automatic fire alarm systems in high-rise residential buildings to reduce waking watch costs while unsafe cladding is removed and remedial work completed. In this webinar, we explain how ‘over-engineering’ your temporary system will allow you to convert it to an evacuation alert system once a risk assessor has confirmed the stay-put policy can be reinstated.


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