Bespoke Design & Manufacture

Our AdSpecials department works with customers to design and manufacture unique panels and control interfaces for our fire systems.

Bespoke Manufacture

Advanced’s special engineering and manufacturing team develops bespoke solutions for customers.

Sprinker and Wet Riser Status

This panel is a Sprinkler and Wet Riser Status panel, with a custom LED PCB designed specifically for a prestigious development in London.  It features 173 LEDs on the front door and utilises fault tolerant mimic drivers along with extender cards and a 5 amp PSU.  The enclosure is a custom size and colour, designed to integrate alongside other panels in a purpose built command centre unit.

16 Loop Rack Mount System

A bespoke rack mount system delivering a 16 loop analogue addressable fire system for a leading London hotel. The system is made up of panels and peripherals from our MxPro 5 panel range but delivered in a Rittal IP55 cabinet, complete with inner and outer glazed door, measuring 2m high, 0.8m wide and 0.6m deep.

It includes: 4x MxPro 5, 4 loop panels, one with a 100 zone LED card and on board printer. 10 x 4-way sounder cards, 7 x 4-way relay cards and 6-Power Supply Units (5 for sounder cards, 1 for relay cards).

Custom Geographical Mimic and Fire Evacuation control

This project for one of Europe's largest shopping and leisure centres is a custom geographical mimic panel incorporating fire evacuation control via toggle switches.  The bespoke enclosure measuring 1000x1000x188mm was manufactured in our in house metal works facility.  The panel uses various peripheral cards including 16 way input and 48 way output.

The panel also incorporates a countdown timer which allows security personnel to carry out fire investigation before actioning a full evacuation.

Mimic Panel

This project uses a standard enclosure measuring WxHxD 345x320x85mm, featuring a mimic with panel mounted LEDs in a tabular layout and driven from the 100 Way remote LED mimic driver.

UL 864 Custom Mimic Panel

This project involved the design and build of a custom mimic panel for use on a UL 864 fire network. It includes a 48 Way Input/Output peripheral card, which allows up to 16 inputs and 48 output to be configured using the Advanced's Dynamix Tools Config Tool software. It utilises a range of buttons and switches and both panel mounted and PCB mounted LED options.

Bespoke Enclosure for ExGo Extinguishing Control Panels

This project involved the design and manufacture of bespoke enclosures to house the ExGo Remote Status Indicator (RSI) panels, which feature LCD and LED indicators and a mode select switch, or a variation with LCD and LED indication, Manual Release button and mode select key switch.

The custom design allows the client to install their own “Evacuation Immediate” backlit acrylic signage within the panel enclosure.

Smoke Damper Fire Indicator

This bespoke enclosure includes three mimic drivers complete with extension cards to drive 256 outputs which cover 128 damper locations.  The panel also incorporates a global override switch.

Bespoke PCB's were designed and manufactured for LED indication.

Damper Control Panel with Geographical Mimic

This project required the design and build of a damper control panel with geographical mimic and tabular controls for use in a hospital.

This project utilises a 50 way fault tolerant network I/O card, complete with an extender card used to drive a bespoke PCB which houses PCB mounted LEDs and keyswitches. The control panel is housed in an enclosure measuring WxHxD 450x950x188mm.

Bespoke IP66 Rated Stainlesss Steel Panel Enclosure

This special enclosure is rated with an Ingress Protection rating of IP66 which means no ingress of dust; complete protection against contact, and protection from water projected in powerful jets (12.5 mm nozzle) against the enclosure from any direction.

The internals of the enclosure were designed and manufactured in house to allow the easy fitting of the fire panel, and ensuring the correct aesthetics were achieved.

Colour Graphic Mimic

Advanced's reliable mimic technology deployed with PCB mounted LEDs and colour graphic for large public building.

Remote Control Terminal for Norwegian Market

This custom panel features a standard MxPro 5 Remote Control Terminal (RCT) combined with a custom bezel and box with door which houses a microphone.  The custom bezel and box with door were designed and manufactured on site, and assembled with the standard RCT before shipping to the customer.

MxPro 4 8 loop with mimic

Double Front 12 Loop Panel

IP65 Outdoor Cabinet

IP65 Outdoor Cabinet

Mimic Units including MxPro 5 Panel

Mimic with Waterflow Monitor

Smoke Management Panel

Sprinkler Monitor Panel

Panel with Zone Indication

Advanced Fire Systems

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