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At Advanced we work very hard to set industry standards in product performance and quality, R&D and customer service.  We're happy to say it's not just us that believes we offer a package that is genuinely better and we'd be happy to hear your views of any aspect of our business.

Peter Frake

Innovation Fire & Security Ltd

Q. How long have you been in business?
A. We have been in business for over 5 years but actually in the Fire & Security business for over 25 years.

Q. How long have you worked with Advanced?
A. We have been an Advanced customer for over 3 years, and have fitted the MxPro range as standard in County courts, Golf clubs and a large service officed company with many locations.

Q. What is your opinion of Advanced panels?
A. Out of choice we will only install Advanced control equipment when an analogue addressable system is required.

In our opinion the Advanced range of control equipment is feature packed, user friendly, easy to install and commission and in the likelihood of requiring technical support there are only a handful of manufacturers across all the disciplines' we install, that are friendly professional and want to help rather than treating you like someone who does not know what they are doing. The guys at Advanced are up there with the best of them on every occasion.

Jason Hill

Illumino Ignis Ltd

Q. Please describe your business, areas of expertise, time in business etc?
A. Illumino are a new company with a different approach to supplying fire alarms, emergency lighting, nurse call, disabled refuge and gas extinguishant systems. Illumino have been designing supplying and supporting our ever growing list of customers since May 2010 and we ensure we provide a service second to none using our staff's combined 50+ years of experience within the fire industry.

Q. How long have you worked with Advanced?
A. I have worked with the Advanced range of products for about 5 years.

Q. What do you think of Advanced and our people?
A. I believe that their technical team are the best in the country. The tech team are friendly, extremely knowledgeable, helpful and always avaialble to answer the telephone.

Q. Which Advanced products do you use?
A. MxPro 4 & MxPro 5 panels.

Q. What is your opinion of Advanced products?
A. If we're unsure of what cause and effects are required on a large site we will always quote Advanced panels with the confidence that the panel will be able to cope and that if we need the technical back up, the tech team are always there to help.

David Powell

Broadgate Estates

Q. Please describe your business, areas of expertise, time in business etc?
A. Broadgate Estates is a large property management business in the City Of London.  We manage a large number of commercial, office, retail and residential properties in London.  Within our business we have a Systems Department that look after Fire and Electronic Security

Q. How long have you worked with Advanced?
A. I have worked with Advanced for over 7 years.

Q. What do you think of Advanced and our people?
A. The people I deal with are very helpful and are very technical.  I have worked with fire alarm companies for over 20 years, the products we use from Advanced are very reliable and if we need technical assistance they respond promptly.

Q. Which Advanced products do you use?
A. We have around fifteen buildings with MxPro 4 and four with MxPro 5, some of these are big networks with our largest site being a 50 panel network.

Q. What is your opinion of Advanced products?
A. First class products that are reliable and open protocol.

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